Helping donors give
confidently to charity.

Accredited charities go above and beyond to earn donor trust. When you see charities with the Accredited Member logo, you can give confidently and generously knowing that they operate with the highest standards of donor accountability.

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Standards of Accountability

Accredited charities value donor trust. These charities are regularly reviewed by CCCC for more than 50 requirements of the five Standards of Accountability.

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CCCC Accreditation Program for Christian Ministries

As an Accredited Member, you’ll earn the right to display the Accredited Member logo on all your promotional materials. This assures donors that you are operating with the highest standards of integrity. A growing number of Canadians are looking for evidence of a charity’s credibility before deciding to donate. Accreditation with CCCC will do just that.

The former Seal of Accountability on Accredited Member donor materials will be replaced by the new Accredited Member logo.

Some of our Accredited Members

ADRA Canada
Africa Community Technical Service Society
Power to Change Ministries
Wycliffe Bible Translators
Children Believe
Jews for Jesus
OMF International - Canada
The Scott Mission
Arrow Leadership International Ministries