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Certified Charities Go Above and Beyond

The Canadian Council of Christian Charities (CCCC) helps donors connect with Certified Charities, which

  • comply with all five of CCCC’s Standards of Accountability
  • achieve CCCC’s Seal of Accountability
  • demonstrate ongoing compliance with the Standards through an annual submission of documentation to CCCC and periodic on-site field reviews.

The Seal of Accountability: The Sign of Trustworthiness

When you see the Seal of Accountability, you can give confidently.

The Seal shows a Certified Charity’s transparency and desire to exceed the minimum requirements for maintaining charitable status.


The Standards of Accountability



  • Christian Ministry
    The charity is committed to the Christian faith.
  • Diligent Governance
    The charity is governed by an independent, active board that establishes policy and reviews the impact of the organization’s activities.
  • Financial Oversight and Transparency
    The charity demonstrates transparency and proper financial oversight through an independent financial audit, an audit review committee, and public disclosure of its financial statements.
  • Organizational Integrity
    The charity upholds the highest standards of integrity, adheres to applicable laws, and operates in accordance with its own governing documents.
  • Ethical Fundraising
    The charity is ethical in its fundraising activities and respects the dignity and interests of the donor.

Learn more about the Standards of Accountability.

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