Chosen People Ministries (Canada)


About the ministry: Chosen People Ministries is an evangelical, Bible-based faith mission, founded in 1894 by an Orthodox Jewish rabbi who came to know Jesus.

We focus on evangelism in Jewish communities, discipling new Jewish believers and planting Messianic congregations for Jewish and Gentile believers.

Our outreach focuses on Jewish communities in Canada, but our international organizations are at work in Israel, the USA, France, Mexico, Australia, Argentina, the Ukraine, Russia, Germany (yes, Germany!), the UK, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Finland, South Africa, Hong Kong (believe it or not) and – did we mention Israel?

We exist to share the Good News of Jesus the Jewish Messiah and to help others do the same.

Ministry FOCUS: Bible printing and/or distribution, Christian broadcasting, Christian literature printing and/or distribution, Church Planting, Discipleship/spiritual development, Resources for specific people groups

Where we work: British Columbia; Manitoba; Ontario; Quebec; Israel

Chosen People Ministries (Canada)

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