Choosing a Charity to Support

There are thousands of registered charities in Canada. So how do you decide which one(s) to support? The following tips can help you choose:

  • Pray. Watch how your heart moves towards the work of the ministry as you spend time in prayer for the charity.
  • Get involved. Inquire about volunteer opportunities to have a first-hand experience with the charity.
  • Explore values & strategy. Review the charity’s values and strategy and consider whether they align with your own personal values.
  • Review ministry information. Many charities provide a lot of useful information on their public website and even more if requested. Review their annual report, descriptions of their current activities and recent projects, financial statements, and T3010 information. You may also consider following them on social media or subscribing to their newsletter and email list.
  • Talk to them. Most charities have representatives who would be happy to speak with you to tell you more about the ministry and answer any questions you may have.
  • Look for Third Party Accreditation / Accountability. Look for and ask about the accountability structure in place. Ask whether the charity has been accredited by a third-party such as by CCCC.
  • Give once. Donate to the charity and see how you feel afterwards. Watch for how the charity thanks you for your gift, uses your gift, and communicates with you about the impact your gift is having.

Ways to Give

There are many different ways you can have a meaningful impact by giving to charity. We’ve provided information about the most common options below.


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Planned Giving

Leverage your financial assets to contribute, such as cash and Pre-Authorized Debits, bequests,
securities, life insurance, RRIFs and RRSPs.

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Emergency Response

In the event of an emergency or a natural disaster, many charities jump into action to respond quickly and effectively to the situation. You will hear appeals from many different organizations to raise funds for a response.

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Ministries greatly appreciate your prayer support for their ministry. Consider choosing a few of our Accredited Members to pray for on a regular basis, based on geographical location or ministry focus. Reach out to the ministry to find out if they can put you on a list to receive regular prayer requests.

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Volunteering & Event Participation

Because of the incredible contribution of volunteers, many charities can accomplish greater impact with fewer resources. Volunteering with a charity is also a great way for you to learn more about the charity you are considering donating to. Find a charity that aligns with your passions and inquire about volunteer opportunities today!

Additional Information

Interpreting Government Information

Avoiding Tax Schemes

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