About Accreditation

Accredited Charities Go Above and Beyond

The Canadian Centre of Christian Charities (CCCC) helps donors connect with Accredited charities, which

  • comply with over fifty indicators of the five CCCC Standards of Accountability
  • achieve CCCC Accreditation
  • demonstrate ongoing compliance with the Standards through an Annual Standards Check and periodic Accreditation Reviews.

CCCC Accreditation: The Sign of Trustworthiness

When you see the CCCC Accredited Member logo, you can give confidently.

The Accredited Member logo shows an Accredited charity’s transparency and desire to exceed the minimum requirements for maintaining charitable status.

The Standards of Accountability

Learn about the Standards

Accredited members are exemplary! They meet over 50 requirements within the Standards of Accountability. CCCC works with charities to help position them for successfully achieving these Standards.

Christian Ministry

The charity is committed to the Christian faith.

Diligent governance

The charity is governed by an independent and active board, who establishes policies and reviews the impact of the organization’s activities.

Financial oversight and transparency

The charity demonstrates transparency and proper financial oversight through an independent financial audit, an audit review committee, and public disclosure of financial statements.

Organizational integrity

The charity upholds the highest standards of integrity, adheres to applicable laws, and operates in accordance with its own governing documents.

Ethical fundraising

The charity is ethical in its fundraising activities and respects the dignity and interests of the donor.