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Thank you for your commitment and interest in seeing Christian charities uphold the high standards expected of them.

About CCCC Member Compliance

CCCC has over 3,000 members including Affiliate and Accredited Members. CCCC Accredited Members are those that have voluntarily committed to compliance with the CCCC Standards of Accountability. These members have participated in our Compliance Process to demonstrate their adherence to the Standards.

CCCC will follow up on every concern submitted and is committed to working with its Accredited members to ensure ongoing compliance with the Standards.

CCCC Concern Review Process

  • CCCC staff take all concerns about Accredited Members seriously.
  • Only concern forms completed in full will be reviewed.
  • Once submitted, concern forms are final and cannot be revised. Concern forms without supporting documentation will not be reviewed. Supporting documentation must be submitted within 30 days of submitting the concern form.
  • CCCC will only proceed to review concerns if the concerned individual is identified, if the concerned individual consents to CCCC contacting the Accredited Member about the concern, and if the concerned individual has exhausted the internal grievance procedure of the Accredited Member. Accredited Members are required to have such a procedure.
  • CCCC will only address concerns related to the CCCC Standards. Issues relating to employee or interpersonal issues, that are the subject matter of litigation or criminal investigation or otherwise unrelated to the CCCC Standards will not be reviewed.
  • CCCC Staff may contact you for more information to evaluate the concern. CCCC will make every reasonable effort to understand the concern, using its sole and absolute discretion to clarify, ask for more information and assess the merits of the concern within the context of the standards.
  • If CCCC, in its sole and absolute discretion, finds the concern has some degree of merit, CCCC may take steps it deems reasonable and appropriate in the circumstances to resolve the concern, such as:
    • Contacting the Accredited Member to resolve unanswered questions
    • Undertake a formal review of the concern and request a formal written response from the Accredited Member
    • Undertake a comprehensive compliance review
    • If CCCC is satisfied that the Accredited Member’s response is reasonable and demonstrates an ongoing commitment to upholding the Standards, the concern will be considered closed.
  • CCCC will deal with concerns expeditiously. Similarly, Accredited Members will be expected to deal with concerns in a timely manner.
  • A final decision will be communicated by the Head of Accreditation to the concerned individual. CCCC will uphold its privacy obligations to the Accredited Member in this communication.
  • CCCC mandate includes ensuring Accredited Members comply with the Standards; however, mediating or arbitrating general disputes or conflicts involving Accredited Members goes beyond this mandate. Therefore, once a final decision is made, the concern is closed. Once concerns are closed CCCC will cease correspondence with the concerned individual in respect to the concern or the member.

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