Member Compliance Process

The Canadian Centre for Christian Charities (CCCC) is an evangelical ministry that exists to support all Christian ministries on their journey to becoming ever more exemplary, healthy, and effective.

CCCC Accredited Member charities go above and beyond to demonstrate their excellence by committing to upholding CCCC’s Standards of Accountability. Charities displaying the CCCC Accredited Member logo and appearing on our online directory have voluntarily applied for CCCC Accreditation and welcomed CCCC scrutiny of their governance, financial management, and fundraising practices.

Compliance Review Process

At the invitation of Accredited Members, CCCC staff and representatives regularly conduct reviews of the charities to confirm compliance with the CCCC Standards of Accountability.

The CCCC Compliance Review Process includes:

  • Application Process Each prospective member submits an application with detailed documentation that demonstrates the organization’s commitment to compliance with the CCCC Standards. CCCC staff review each application thoroughly, sometimes requesting additional information or requiring that the applicant implement some changes before initial approval is granted by the CCCC Head of Accreditation.
  • Annual Standards Check Each year, CCCC Accredited Members participate in an Annual Standards Check including submitting documentation with a signed declaration of continued compliance with the Standards. CCCC staff review the form along with the member’s CPA-prepared financial statements, Annual Information Return (T3010), and other required documentation.
  • Accreditation Reviews CCCC representatives conduct a periodic, in-depth accreditation review similar to the initial application process. This includes the review of various items, including meeting minutes of the governing board and audit review committee, internal financial statements, fundraising appeals, internal policies, among others. These reviews are conducted either virtually or onsite at the member’s location. The review includes interviews with member representatives.
  • Concern Review Process CCCC staff take all concerns about Accredited Members seriously. Each complaint received is followed up on in accordance with our Concern Review Process. Submitting a concern can be done through our Submit a Concern page.

CCCC Accreditation exists to support charities that have made a commitment to integrity, transparency, and accountability.

CCCC’s approach to concerns is the same as the approach within the Accreditation program as a whole. That is an approach that is redemptive, caring, and supportive.