Non-Cash Gifts

What it is:

Also known as a gift-in-kind, a non-cash gift is property other than cash that a donor transfers to a charity. Gifts of services may not be acknowledged with official receipts for income tax purposes.

Examples of non-cash gifts:

  • real estate
  • equipment
  • household items
  • furniture
  • computers
  • office supplies
  • tools/building supplies
  • books
  • securities


  • Non-cash gifts are often eligible for a tax receipt. You must consult with the receiving charity for details on their acceptance policy.
  • Many charities are in need of non-cash items for their operations. They would otherwise have to spend valuable cash to acquire these items themselves.
  • The donor can convert no longer needed items into a charitable gift.

How it Works:

  1. Contact the charity to discuss their need or desire to accept your gift as well as their gift acceptance policy.
  2. Provide the charity with documentation on your cost and date of original purchase. Please note, the charity will issue a donation receipt for the item’s current fair market value, subject to certain situations.
  3. Allow the charity to arrange an independent appraisal to establish the FMV (fair market value) for receipting purposes.

Further Info:

Please consult with the receiving charity to find out more about their gift acceptance policy. Not all charities are willing to receive all types of non-cash gifts and not all gifts are eligible for a tax receipt.