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The Canadian Council of Christian Charities (CCCC) helps donors connect with trustworthy charities. CCCC’s Seal of Accountability distinguishes charities that demonstrate ongoing compliance with CCCC’s standards and display a strong commitment to integrity.


All CCCC Certified Members agree to

  • abide by CCCC’s Standards of Accountability
  • provide an annual confirmation of compliance
  • allow CCCC to carry out periodic, on-site field reviews to assess the charity’s operations

Here are the nine Standards for organizations displaying the Seal:

  1. They are a Christian ministry.
  2. They have an independent, active governing board.
  3. They have financial statements audited or reviewed by a licensed professional.
  4. They publicly disclose their financial statements.
  5. They have a board committee that provides oversight to the financial audit.
  6. They pursue the highest standards of integrity.
  7. They commit to an ethical fundraising policy.
  8. They evaluate their programs for effectiveness and efficiency.
  9. They follow a code of accountability.

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