The Christian Reformed Church in North America - Canada Corporation


About the ministry: The Christian Reformed Church is a diverse family of healthy congregations, assemblies, and ministries expressing the good news of God’s kingdom that transforms lives and communities worldwide.

Our Mission: As people called by God,
We gather to praise God, listen to him, and respond.
We nurture each other in faith and obedience to Christ.
We love and care for one another as God's people.
We commit ourselves to serve and to tell others about Jesus.
We pursue God's justice and peace in every area of life.

Our 5-fold calling:
Faith Formation
Servant Leadership
Global Mission
Mercy & Justice
Gospel Proclamation & Worship

Ministry FOCUS: Denominational Office

Where we work: Alberta; British Columbia; Manitoba; New Brunswick; Nova Scotia; Ontario; Prince Edward Island; Quebec; Saskatchewan; Afghanistan; Angola; Argentina; Aruba; Australia; Austria; Bahamas; Bahrain; Bangladesh; Belarus; Belize; Benin; Bhutan; Bolivia; Brazil; Burkina Faso; Cambodia; Cameroon; Chile; Colombia; Costa Rica; Cuba; Dominican Republic; Egypt; El Salvador; Estonia; Ethiopia; France; Germany; Guatemala; Guinea; Guyana; Haiti; Honduras; Hong Kong; Hungary; India; Indonesia; Israel; Japan; Kazakhstan; Kenya; Kyrgyzstan; Lao People's Democratic Republic; Lebanon; Liberia; Lithuania; Madagascar; Malawi; Malaysia; Mali; Mexico; Mongolia; Mozambique; Nepal; Nicaragua; Niger; Nigeria; Oman; Panama; Papua New Guinea; Paraguay; Peru; Philippines; Romania; Singapore; South Africa; Spain; Suriname; Switzerland; Syrian Arab Republic; Tanzania, United Republic of; Thailand; Timor-leste; United Kingdom; United States; Uruguay; Venezuela; Viet Nam; Yemen; Zambia

The Christian Reformed Church in North America - Canada Corporation

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