Steinbach Bible College Inc.


About the ministry: Steinbach Bible College is an evangelical Anabaptist college empowering servant leaders to follow Jesus, serve the church, and engage the world.

We accomplish this mission through:
1. Biblical education that is practical, analytical, relational, and creative.
2. Intensive faith and life formation within a discipleship community.
3. Developing and discerning ministry skills with a missional focus.
4. Relevant biblical and ministry training for congregations.
5. Strategic partnerships in education and church ministry.

Whether students are called to go into full-time ministry or a career in the marketplace, SBC will help them develop a solid Biblical foundation so that they can be confident in their faith.

Ministry FOCUS: Bible college/seminary, Church, Discipleship/spiritual development, Leadership training, Missions Agency, Youth ministry

Where we work: Manitoba

Steinbach Bible College Inc.

50 Highway 12 North, Steinbach
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