About the ministry: PIONEERS has one purpose: to go into regions where few people have ever had the opportunity to hear of Jesus and His great salvation, and tell the story of His great love. And then, as men and women, young people and children discover Jesus, we begin to a build a community of Christ-followers.
Our ministry team strives to support and encourage each new member, building a church where there was none before. And as that community matures, they go, sharing God's love as He calls them, planting new seeds, building other communities that worship the true and living God.
Many of PIONEERS missionaries do not fit the typical missionaries mold. We use our skills to enter countries where traditional missionaries are not welcome.

Ministry FOCUS: Church Planting, Discipleship/spiritual development, General Evangelism, Missions Agency

Where we work: -Restricted Access Countries; Australia; Austria; Bolivia; Bosnia and Herzegovina; Brazil; Bulgaria; Cambodia; Chad; Czech Republic; Ethiopia; France; Germany; Ghana; Greece; Hungary; Italy; Japan; Peru; Philippines; Senegal; Thailand; United Kingdom; United States


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