Mission Possible Canada


About the ministry: Our mission - Equipping the Next Generation of Christ-Centered Leaders.
Who We Are - Mission Possible was started in 1979 to meet the needs of people living with poverty, hunger, sickness, spiritual darkness and lack of education. Over the years, the ministry has made a tremendous impact in Haiti as well as the Dominican Republic. Today, Mission Possible is a Christian ministry with a strong base of supporters in Canada and the United States
What We Do - Mission Possible owns and operates 8 schools in Haiti and the Dominican Republic which allow about 3,000 students to receive a Christian education and nutritious school lunches. Our schools provide an excellent learning environment, high academic standards, and Biblical instructions. Sponsor a student for $30 per month from our website.

Ministry FOCUS: Bible college/seminary, Christian elementary school, Christian high school, Church, Clean water and sanitation, Construction (hospitals, schools, libraries), Discipleship/spiritual development, Donor-advised funds, Employment training, General Evangelism, General Healthcare, Health education, Leadership training, Sponsorship, Sustainable agriculture

Where we work: Dominican Republic; Haiti

Mission Possible Canada

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