Living Hope Native Ministries


About the ministry: The Vision: That in every First Nations context the local church would reach its full potential—worshiping in full devotion, attracting the seekers, mobilizing believers, restoring families, changing communities, affecting the world.

The Mission: To encourage and develop local churches that matter in our world.


• Proclaim the Good News of God’s grace for salvation through Jesus Christ
• Help develop local fellowships where First Nations people feel they can belong
• Invite Christ-followers to a meaningful commitment to such a local church
• Encourage, equip, and mobilize those individuals to maturity in faith and in exercising their God-given gifts
• Demonstrate an observable, practical, and relevant Christian lifestyle

Ministry FOCUS: Church Planting, Clergy care, Discipleship/spiritual development, Family support, General Evangelism, Missions Agency, Resources for specific people groups

Where we work: Ontario

Living Hope Native Ministries

PO Box 20100, Thunder Bay
ON Canada P7E 6P2
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