Christian Aid Ministries Canada


About the ministry: We live in a world of suffering. Millions are unable to provide for even their basic needs. Your contributions make a difference for abandoned orphans, needy widows, refugees, and many others who are in need of physical and spiritual help. Explore over 20 programs to find the ones that connect with you.
Christian Aid Ministries Canada was founded in 1984 as a non-profit, tax organization. Its primary purpose is to provide a exempt trustworthy, efficient channel for Amish and Conservative Mennonite churches and individuals to minister to physical and spiritual needs around the world. Other groups and individuals are also welcome to participate.

Ministry FOCUS: Bible printing and/or distribution, Christian literature printing and/or distribution, Clean water and sanitation, Emergency response care, General Relief and Development, Medical, Micro-enterprise/microfinance, Sponsorship, Support for people with special needs, Sustainable agriculture

Where we work: Alberta; British Columbia; Manitoba; New Brunswick; Newfoundland and Labrador; Northwest Territories; Nova Scotia; Nunavut; Ontario; Prince Edward Island; Quebec; Saskatchewan; Yukon; -Restricted Access Countries; Costa Rica; Haiti; India; Israel; Kenya; Latvia; Liberia; Moldova, Republic of; Nicaragua; Romania; Ukraine; United States; Venezuela; Yemen

Christian Aid Ministries Canada

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