CMAC Christian Mission Aid Canada


About the ministry: CMA Canada (CMAC) assists churches and communities in Kenya, Uganda and South Sudan to meet their spiritual, social and physical needs. CMA’s vision is to see churches and communities empowered to perpetuate the growth of the Christian faith and able to lead social and economic progress. CMA’s ministries serve those who are disadvantaged economically, physically and spiritually in slums and remote rural areas not reached by other organizations. CMA works with Christian leaders to identify and implement programs through community based groups. As a Christian organization, CMA embraces the fundamental Christian values of integrity, honesty, transparency, truthfulness, hope and compassion for all people regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender.

Ministry FOCUS: Christian elementary school, Clean water and sanitation, Discipleship/spiritual development, Emergency response care, Employment training, Environmental Programs, Food security, General Healthcare, Health education, HIV/AIDS prevention, Leadership training, Literacy programs, Meals and Clothing, Rehabilitation and Counselling, Support for people with special needs, Sustainable agriculture, Vision, Youth ministry

Where we work: Kenya; South Sudan; Uganda

CMAC Christian Mission Aid Canada

1072 Burgundy Lane, Ottawa
ON K1C 2M8
Tel: 613.837.1554