The Nine Standards for Certified Charities

1. They are a Christian ministry.

  • CCCC certifies Christian ministries that have a clearly-defined statement of the Christian faith in their governing documents. The charity’s board members, officers, and key staff affirm this statement on their appointment and reaffirm it annually. This practice demonstrates that Christian faith is central to the ministry’s mission, shaping its operations, decision-making, and relationships.

2. They have an independent, active governing board.

  • Having an independent, active board helps charities to avoid conflicts of interest or even the appearance of a conflict of interest. CCCC requires Certified charities to have an active board of at least five members that hold meetings at least twice a year. A majority of the governing board members must reside in Canada and not be connected by blood relationship, marriage, common-law partnership, or adoption. Board members serve voluntarily, without financial compensation or any other kind of direct or indirect benefits for their services.

3. They have audited financial statements.

  • A financial statement prepared by an external, licensed accounting professional is a mark of sound financial practice. Having audited statements helps charities build credibility with the general public, with donors, and with government authorities.

4. They publicly disclose their financial statements.

  • In order to gain a donor’s trust, charities need to be honest and transparent in their reporting. Certified charities agree to provide a copy of their most recent audited financial statements to anyone upon request.

5. They have a board committee that provides oversight to the financial audit.

  • An audit committee monitors internal financial controls on behalf of the board and provides oversight and direction relating to the organization’s auditing process. This means that the board has direct conversation with the external auditor and that the board will be alerted to any internal control issues. Having an audit committee ensures that the charity’s financial policies, functions, and responsibilities are fully met.

6. They pursue the highest standards of integrity.

  • Pursuing integrity isn’t just a matter of staying out of trouble with the law. Certified Christian charities recognize that they are held to a higher standard—they are responsible to Jesus Christ. This influences their attitude toward financial stewardship and the relationships that are cultivated within the ministry. Certified charities agree to be transparent before their donors and the public, respect donor confidentiality, and use restricted gifts as directed by donors. They also agree to respect the dignity and privacy of those whom they serve through their ministry.

7. They commit to an ethical fundraising policy.

  • An ethical fundraising policy clearly and publicly communicates a charity’s standards of accountability. It explains how the organization will handle the property that has been entrusted to its care, how fundraisers will be trained and compensated, and how donors will be treated by the charity’s representatives.

8. They evaluate their programs for effectiveness and efficiency.

  • Donors expect value for their contributions. They want to know that their resources are being used wisely and producing meaningful results. Certified charities evaluate their programs for effectiveness and efficiency so that they can accurately report back to their board and donors and make effective future decisions based on their findings.

9. They follow a code of accountability.

  • Certified charities are responsible for many accountability issues. A board-approved code of accountability brings all of these issues into a written document that publicly communicates the charity’s position and promotes an internal awareness of the organization’s standards and policies. This detailed code includes sections on responsibility to the donor, fundraising practices, financial accountability, and organizational integrity.
The Nine Standards for Certified Charities | Give Confidently. Give Generously.
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