M2/W2 Association - Restorative Christian Ministries


About the ministry: M2/W2 is a Christian, pro-active, social justice organization working to transform lives, one relationship at a time. Our volunteers are active inside prisons as well as in the community.

Our Prison Mentorship program is at the heart of our ministry. We facilitate one-on-one, Man-to-Man (M2) and Woman-to-Woman (W2) relationships between Christian volunteers & inmates in BC. These links provide mentorship, friendship, & personal accountability to the prisoner. Although we have over 200 active volunteers, we still have over 300 prisoners waiting for Christian.

Another part of the M2/W2 ministry is the Hidden Treasures Thrift Stores. These stores, located in Abbotsford and Chilliwack, & contribute to the overall mission and strategy of M2/W2.

Ministry FOCUS: Clergy care, Discipleship/spiritual development, General Education and Employment, General Evangelism, General Relief and Development, General Social Assistance, Justice System Transformation, Meals and Clothing, Missions Agency, Prison Ministry, Rehabilitation and Counselling, Support for people with special needs, Transitional housing

Where we work: British Columbia

M2/W2 Association - Restorative Christian Ministries

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